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Sunnah Method of Sajdah

  1. To say the Takbeer while going into Sajdah.
  2. To place both knees on the ground first.
  3. Thereafter to place both the hands on the ground.
  4. To place the nose on the ground.
  5. Lastly to place the forehead on the ground.
  6. The head should be placed between the two hands on the ground. (Ibid)
  7. To keep a gap between the stomach (abdomen) and the thighs. The arms should not touch the sides of the body.
  8. The elbows should be kept off the ground (i.e. raised).
  9. To reciteSajdah Tasbeeh at least thrice whilst in Sajdah.
  10. To recite Takbeer whilst getting up from Sajdah.
  11. When getting up from Sajdah, first the forehead, then the nose, then the hands and lastly the knees should be raised.
  12. One should pause and sit with ease between the two Sajdahs.

Source: Beautiful Sunnahs of Beloved Nabi SAW

Author: Aarif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Db