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Tribute to Colonel Sahab (ra)

Colonel Amiruddin Sahib (ra), the tireless preacher of Islam, died yesterday (Sept 17, 2012) at the age of 99 years in Toronto, Canada. Innaa Lillahi wa Innaa Ilayhi Rajioon. The jenazah salat and burial is scheduled for today after salatul Zhur.

He is credited to have brought more than 5,500 people into the fold of Islam. After that number, he said he stopped counting to maintain his sincerity. In America alone, 3000 people have embraced Islam at his hands. The author of Fatawa i-Rahimiyya wrote, “The preacher from Hyderabad (Deccan), Colonel Amiruddin, at whose hands nearly three thousand Americans have accepted Islam”

His grandson, Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin released this statement, “With great sadness I would like to announce to my friends and relatives that my respected grandfather Colonel Syed Mohammad Amiruddin (rahmatullahi alaihi) has left this temporary abode to the presence of the Lord Most High. From Allah did we originate, and back into Allah shall we be returned. His medical records demonstrate he did not die from any illnesses, or disease. Rather, with age, and from excessive worship his body eventually began giving up on him. He spent his entire life bringing people to believe in the Prophet of the Bani Hashim, to call the Adhaan of the Bani Hashim, encouraging them to memorize the Quran revealed to the Bani Hashim, calling people to pray towards the Qibla of the Bani Hashim, and to try to dress and act like the Bani Hashim. In 2005 I was personally ordered by him, to re initiate him into the Naqshbandi Tariqat, and keep it a secret during his life, under the Qutb of the Bani Hashim Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi. He was engaged in the remembrance of Allah, and Salawat on the Prophet (S) and His House until he fell unconscious. He died peacefully in his sleep today. May Allah forgive him, us, and all believers.”

For over 55 years of his life he traveled more than 72 countries, spending whatever he earned in his life in the path of Allah. He practice was to go in the path of Allah for about 8 months in a year and spend the remaining 4 months with his family.

Colonel Amiruddin Sahab (ra) born to a Scottish lady, Ella Allen who later changed her name to Halima Farid ud-Din. She converted to Islam when she was 16 years old after seeing Kaaba in her dream. She married Nawab Farid ud-Din Khan two years after her acceptance into Islam. Nawab Khan is known to be of direct lineage of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

In 1967, Colonel Amiruddin Sahab (ra) was permitted to enter the golden gate and visit the grave of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in Madinah. He said he heard the Prophet Muhammad (saw) reply to his salaam, which made him to fall down unconscious.

He was initiated into the Naqshbandi tariqat by the Muhaddith of Deccan Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi (ra) and later on the hands of Maulana Yusuf Kandhalvi (ra). He moved on foot through jungles of Africa, in the heat of Arabia and the bitter cold of Europe to spread Islam.

In one of his bayans he says, “It was the time when there was tension in South Africa between whites and blacks. Jamat were not given permission to enter. Hazrat Maulana Yusuf (ra) asked Colonel Amiruddin Sahab (ra), “You are a colonel, you must find a way to enter into Africa to preach Islam”.

A plan was made, they walked the jungles of Africa for around 4000 km in the path of Allah and it took 7 months. Two days after they started their journey, the police caught the jamat and put them in jail. The local people came to know that a jamat has come from India and were started bringing meals to the prison. So much food was brought that the extra food was distributed in the prison. Many prisoners accepted Islam through the preaching of the jamat and sensing the change of environment in the prison.

The authorities asked the Colonel to leave Africa, but he replied, “we want to meet our brothers here.” He was then questioned by the leading officer for the reason of coming to Africa. The Colonel took out a pen and scribbled some points on paper and gave it to the officer. He said, “we have come to learn this.” On the paper were written the 6 points of dawah – obeying the orders of Allah and practicing the sunnah of Rasullullah (saw), concentration and devotion in salat, seeking knowledge of Deen and remembrance of Allah, respect for all Muslims, sincere intention of doing deeds only for the sake of Allah, and going out in the path of Allah to call the creation to the Creator.”

One man who met him in person 4 years ago when the Colonel was 95 years of age wrote in an Islamic Internet forum thread, “I heard him saying he counted up to above 5500 shahadahs he had given, (perhaps only in America), and then left counting for the matter of ikhlas. Muslim world doesn’t know him because he is connected with such people who work for the cause of Allah. Their main aim is Allah be pleased with them and grant them jannat. Their work to bring all Muslims together and follow Islam and work to spread Islam. They do their work quietly. They don’t say bad things about other Muslims because they want to follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw).”

“Even some Muslims don’t realize the good works they do. Some complain they don’t call non-muslims towards Islam. Some people call them bidat (deviation). Some people call them fools for leaving their homes. But Colonel Sahab and the jamat call everyone towards Allah and His Rasul (saw).”

“His age is now 95 (may Allah give barkat in his life) and even now he goes for 8 months in the path of Allah. This is the energy of iman which makes him stand to fight for Islam at this age. He is Colonel Syed Amiruddin Khan Sahab. I have seen him and I could not control myself from crying when I look into his eyes. He comes every year to Hyderabad/India (he has spent most of his life in Hyderabad). He is just great. There are thousands of others like him, but they remain quiet because they do it for Allah. They are connected to the effort of Tabligh and it is the duty of every Muslim.”

To hear a recorded bayan of Colonel Sahab, click below

May Allah forgive his sins, put nur in his grave and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. May Allah grant us hidayat from lives of these people.



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