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Etiquette of Salah (Men and Women)

Etiquette of Salah The gaze should be fixed on the place of Sajdah during Qiyaam, on the feet during Ruku, on the nose during Sajdah , on the lap during Qa’dah and on the shoulders during Salaam. When one has an urge to  yawn during Salaah, he should stifle  it as much as possible. When one […]

Forty Salat o Salaam :: 40 Durood by Shaykh Yunus Patel (DB)

Audio :: Click here Listen to Forty Salaat o Salaam :: by Maulana Yunus Patel (DB) Alla-humma Salle Alaa Muhammadiw Wa-Alaa Aale Muhammadiw Wa Anzilhul Maq-adal Muqarraba Indac. Alla-humma Rabba Hazihid Da-watil Qaa-e-mati Was-Sa-la-tin Naafe-a-ti Salle Alaa Muhammadiw Wardha Anniy Ridhul La-tus-khatu Baa-dahu Abadaa. Alla-humma Salle Alaa Muhammadin Abdeca Wa Rasuw-leca Wa-Salle Alal Mu-mi-niyna Wal […]