Sunnahs Of Qiraat

  1. To recite Ta’awwuz i.e.
  2. To recite Tasmia at the beginning of each Rakaat
  3. To say Aameen softly.
  4. In Fajr and Zuhr Salaah , one should recite Tiwaale-mufassal i.e. any Surah from Surah Hujuraat (26th Para)to Surah Burooj (30th Para) In Asr and Esha one should recite from Ausaate Mufassal i.e. any Surah from Surah Burooj (30th Para) to Surah Lam-yakun . In Maghrib one should recite Qisaare Mufassal i.e. any Surah from Surah Lam-yakun  to Surah Naas (30th Para).
  5. To lengthen the first Rakaat of Fajr Salaah.
  6. Thanaa, Ta’awwuz, Tasmia and Aameen should be recited softly.
  7. Only Surah Faatiha should be recited in the third and fourth Rakaats of the Fardh Salaah.

Source: Beautiful Sunnahs of Beloved Nabi SAW

Author: Aarif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Db