Category: Sunnah

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Etiquette of Salah (Men and Women)

Etiquette of Salah The gaze should be fixed on the place of Sajdah during Qiyaam, on the feet during Ruku, on the nose during Sajdah , on the lap during Qa’dah and on the shoulders during Salaam. When one has an urge to  yawn during Salaah, he should stifle  it as much as possible. When one […]

Sunnah Acts of Jumuah

To take a bath. To wear nice and clean clothes. To proceed early to the Masjid. To go to the Masjid on foot. To try to sit as close as possible to the Imaam. If the Saffs (rows) are already filled, one should not jump over the shoulders of the musallies in order to get […]

The Sunnah of Istikharah

It is narrated from Hazrat Jaabir () that Rasulullah () used to teach us the dua of istikharah for important matters in the same manner as he used to teach us the Surahs of the Qur’aan. He () used to say, ”When you intend doing any important work, then read two rakaats nafl salaat and […]