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Compulsory Acts of Salah

Takbeer-e-Tahreema. (To say, “Allahu Akbar”, translator) Qiyaam (To stand). Qiraat (To recite any verse or Surah of the Qur’aan-e-Kareem.) To make Ruku. To make two Sajdahs. To sit for the duration of At-tahiyat in the final sitting. (Qa’eda akherah) If any one of the above mentioned are left out, the Salaat will not take place. […]

The Beard between the Salaf & Khalaf

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Definition: The Arabic word for beard is lihyah. It derives from lahy (jaw) and lahyan (the two jaws). Thus, a beard is defined as the hair that grows on the cheeks and jaws- [Al-Qamus ul-Muhit by al-Fayruzabadi, and Lisan ul-Arab by Ibn Manzur]. It includes the hair that grows on the temples, […]

Differences in the Salah of Women

When saying Takbeer-e-Tahreema females should raise both their hands up to the shoulders without removing them from under the Burqa.(a kind of shawl or veil covering the whole body from head to foot- translator) Thereafter they should tie their hands on the chest in such a manner that the palm of the right hand is placed on […]

Sunnahs Of Qiraat

To recite Ta’awwuz i.e. To recite Tasmia at the beginning of each Rakaat To say Aameen softly. In Fajr and Zuhr Salaah , one should recite Tiwaale-mufassal i.e. any Surah from Surah Hujuraat (26th Para)to Surah Burooj (30th Para) In Asr and Esha one should recite from Ausaate Mufassal i.e. any Surah from Surah Burooj […]

Sunnah Method of Using Miswaak

It is sunnat to use the Miswaak at the time of every Wudhu. The sunnat method of holding the Miswaak according to what Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Mas’ood (RA) has narrated is as follows: Place the small finger of the right hand below the Miswaak. Place the thumb below the head of the Miswaak. The remaining three fingers will be placed above. […]

Sunnah Method of Ablution (Wudhu)

Faraaidh (compulsory acts) Of Ablution (Wudhu) 1.        To wash the entire face once 2.        To wash both hands including the elbows once 3.        To make Masah of a quarter of the head once. 4.        To wash both feet once upto and including the ankles. By doing so much, the Wudhu will be completed. However, by performing Wudhuaccording to the Sunnat method, one’s Wudhu will […]

Sunnah Method of Qaadah

To keep the right foot upright whilst sitting in Qa’dah and to place the left foot flat on the ground. (Tahtaawee pg.146) To place both hands on the thighs.(Ibid) To raise the index finger in Tashahhud whilst reciting and to lower it when saying (Tahtaawee pg.146 and 147) To recite Durood Sharif in the final […]

Sunnahs of Azaan and Iqaamah

It is Sunnat to face the Qibla while saying the Azaan and Iqaamah. It is Sunnat to say the Azaan with pauses after each phrase while the Sunnat method of Iqaamah is to say it quickly. During the Azaan it is Sunnat to turn the face to the right when saying:  and towards the left when saying However, […]

Sunnah Method Of Ruku

 To say the Takbeer of Ruku. To grasp the knees with the hands. Whilst grasping the knees the fingers should be spread apart. To keep the back straight. To keep (the calf of the legs) straight i.e the section from the ankles to the knee. To keep the head and the lower back in a straight […]

Sunnah Method of Sajdah

To say the Takbeer while going into Sajdah. To place both knees on the ground first. Thereafter to place both the hands on the ground. To place the nose on the ground. Lastly to place the forehead on the ground. The head should be placed between the two hands on the ground. (Ibid) To keep a […]